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Build your chasing foundation
with these trainings



Spring Training offers foundational, operational and accessible information and training material for storm chasers at all levels - from those who want to begin their chase education or brush up on the basics, to more advanced chasers wanting to learn more in-depth about specialized topics. Just like in baseball, we gather every spring to shake off the rust, refresh our skills, and get ready to hit a home run.

Spring Training speakers are experts within their fields, and the training is an opportunity to learn from them in-depth.


2023 Speakers & Topics

Forecasting For Storm Chasing 101 - Raychel Sanner

Resources For Storm Chasing (Radar & Satellite) - Raychel Sanner
Safety & the Role of A Chaser in an Emergency - Randy Denzer

Video Brokering: Tips for Editing & Selling Your Storm Videos - Melanie Metz

Intro to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC)/National Weather Service (NWS) & the Relationship to Chasers - Liz Leitman & Christiaan Patterson

Intro to Chasing the Monsoon & Capturing Lightning - Becca Furnish with Lori Bailey


2023 Speaker Bios

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(1.5 HOURS)

This overview presentation, delivered on behalf of Women's Photography Circle, covers the basics of what you need to know to start chasing to capture great photographs of storms. Topics covered include:

What you need to know to chase

How to forecast 101

How to chase 101

Logistics & planning

What to consider when shooting storms

Geography & terrain considerations

Storm behavior and your position

Gear you might want or need


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