About us

Our story might seem a little different.


That's because it is a little different.

No, the stories of gender inequity and misogyny in the sciences are not new.

Neither is the news that women are fully capable of doing badass, non-stereotypical things like chasing tornadoes - and that they do those things all the time.

(we see you, you badasses)

Then...why aren't MORE women chasing? Or, doing the equally badass,

non-stereotypical things they long to do?

Are they there and we just don't see them? And... why not?

Why do statistics, even today, continue to show a gender imbalance in weather and science careers and expertise? Today, as we stand on the shoulders of giants who have fought for women's equality in every area, shouldn't a STEM career be a given for any girl or woman or desires it - as much as their ability to chase down a storm?


It's time.

It's absolutely time for women to be recognized for the badass chasers, forecasters, meteorologists, content producers and educators we are. It's also time for us to receive equal air time, sales opportunities, engagement, and respect for our talent in the fields of storm chasing, weather and meteorology.

Most importantly, however: It's time girls and women felt empowered

to do that thing they most long to do, no matter how daunting,

non-stereotypical, stormy, or mathematical it might seem.


Sometimes we have no idea what we're capable of.

And when we figure it out, our lives are forever altered.

We're here to tell you: Whatever your thing is, if you love it, you can and you will figure it out.

That's how Girls Who Chase was born.

OUR FOUNDATION is storm chasing, but the sky's the limit. In a way, this feels so much bigger than us, the storm chase community, or the weather community. 


OUR VISION is a world where girls and women know they can do anything and be anything they want, and feel supported and welcomed in any field they choose; most especially in storm chasing, meteorology, and other fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM).

OUR MISSION is to inspire, empower and equip girls and women to pursue storms, the sciences, and their passions.


We're going about this in four ways:

  1. Awareness: Calling out the issues; engaging the storm chasing and weather communities in important and sometimes difficult conversations about the scenario we face; and sharing these conversations for others to hear in GWC media such as the podcast and on YouTube.

  2. Amplification: Using the power of social media to amplify our collective voices and content; creating our own audio and video media to fill the vacuum; and engaging broadcast and print media in helping share our story.

  3. Accessibility: We've found a major barrier to entry for women into storm chasing is knowing how to get started, so we're breaking it down by engaging weather educators, teachers and forecasters in aggregating chasing resources for people of all ages, for free; to sustain our efforts, we offer additional tailored classes and mentoring in our Patreon community.

  4. Community: This is about the entire storm chasing community deciding it's time for change, and taking action together; that's why our media includes the voices and perspectives of everyone, including men. Changing culture and perception just won't happen without collective support, understanding and effort.

Will you join us?

The women behind GWC

We keep this thing afloat, but Girls Who Chase is so much more than us.
It is truly the many talented female and female-identified storm chasers who provide the unbelievable content we all enjoy, and we encourage you to check out their work on our Instagram and Twitter feeds.

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Jennifer Walton

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Podcast & Media Producer

Jennifer has spent a lifetime fascinated by severe weather, and finally made her passion a reality in 2018, when she decided to stop wasting time and get chasing. She is a fully self-taught forecaster and chaser, mostly chasing solo, and is committed to bringing her learnings to empower and inspire others to pursue their own joys of the sky.

Jennifer holds a B.A. in Environmental Communication and an M.S. in Technical Journalism & Communication, and spent the first 17 years of her career working with scientists, engineers, urban planners and other technical experts to craft communication strategies for effective climate change and science communication. She brought her deep experience as a communications expert - and her understanding of what it was like working in highly technical fields as a woman - to create the GWC concept and find new ways to address systemic gender disparity issues and enact culture change.

Visit her web site at jenniferawalton.com.

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Melanie Metz

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GWC Partner
Lead Forecaster & Adult Educator

Melanie has had a passion for storms since she was a young girl living in Arizona. After completing her B.S. Degree in Chemistry with additional studies in Meteorology & Photography, she began actively chasing as one of the "Twister Sisters." She has now been chasing for over 20 years, and these days chases solo most of the time, selling video to news networks, operating private tours, and capturing the best photos she can.

Melanie's work has been featured on National Geographic Television, The Weather Channel, ABC, CBS, FOX, WE TV "Twister Sisters", Outside Magazine, Cosmopolitan, & Weatherwise. She is also the official photographer for the Movie Cover & Poster of 13 Minutes, released in theaters on October 29th, 2021.


Visit her website at MelanieMetzStormChasing.com



How we keep this initiative sustainable

Girls Who Chase (GWC) was conceptually founded in July 2021 as an Instagram page, to highlight and promote female storm photographers. When it became clear a much grander initiative was sorely needed and there was a lot of energy and interest in the concept, we began to invest additional time and resources into its development, including establishing a Twitter account and purchasing recording tools and software to launch a podcast.

Girls Who Chase formally "launched" on January 25, 2022, offering a promotional video, podcast and YouTube page, to allow us to tell important stories, and diversify media in order to engage a broader audience. We also committed to hosting a regular Twitter space, to keep these important discussions going and continue to broaden our reach. We're currently in the process of developing a Discord server to facilitate the creation and evolution of the thriving community that has formed.

The explosive growth of the Girls Who Chase initiative has been nothing short of amazing, most especially to its founder - but it has also meant that for us to maintain the time and resource investment required for its upward trajectory, it needs consistent funding. Because GWC at its core is a media platform, keeping it running requires a rather substantial investment of time, branding assets and software resources to create and run all of the various tools we utilize (recording & editing software and hardware, podcast hosting, web site domains and hosting, finance management, etc.). To help us achieve some financial stability, we have launched a Patreon community. Until Patreon launched, the only financial support GWC had was from the store; all other expenses were coming out of the founder's pocket, and time invested had rocketed past 300 hours of work.

We would be very grateful if you choose to support us, and we want to be clear and transparent about where any income dollars are going as we grow.


  • Reimbursing us for the over $2000 invested in raising the initiative

  • Establishing or renewing systems to keep Girls Who Chase running efficiently and transparently, such as accounting, brand management, and media software

  • Our time; the majority of GWC's assets is time. We all have bills to pay, and this largely volunteer gig has to date required we work our jobs during business hours, then GWC in the rest of the 24 hours available (often between about 9pm to 2am), which is not sustainable. It's unlikely what comes in will ever map to the time invested, but every little bit helps us reinvest precious time into making this thing better and more effective.


  • Become a member of our thriving Patreon community, where we offer additional case studies and classes to build knowledge and skills, 1:1 mentoring, and even more chasing content

  • Make a donation via PayPal (we aren't currently able to accept direct crypto payments, but may in the future!)

  • Purchase merchandise from our storefront (we get a small percent from sales)