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Storm chasing education resources

NEW: GWC Trainings!



We now offer a variety of affordable video-based trainings, including Spring Training, a daylong, fully virtual storm chasing intensive offered on an annual basis.

Current offerings:

SPRING TRAINING 2024 (Package of 7 videos)
SPRING TRAINING 2023 (Package of 6 videos)

STORM CHASING & PHOTOGRAPHY 101 (1.5-hour webinar)


And, check out these free resources specifically developed by and for Girls Who Chase:

  • Listen to our "Chasing 101" series with Raychel Sanner of Tornado Titans on the Girls Who Chase podcast (available on Apple & Spotify) for an overview of some of the basics, including how to get started, packing & planning, logistics, safety in the field, and how to be a good chase neighbor

  • Check out our Twitter spaces (@girlswhochase), where we regularly discuss topics useful to chasers of all levels.

Below, we've aggregated free or cheap educational resources about storm chasing in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia - and forecasting for adults and young adults, divided by age range. If you'd like us to speak at an event or are looking for an expert in a certain area, please contact us directly.

Learn to chase - ages 18+

U.S.-specific storm anatomy, positioning, general info about chasing:

Storm anatomy, positioning, and general info about chasing outside the U.S.:

Learn to forecast - ages 18+

Learn about the ingredients of severe weather, how and where to identify them, and how to piece together the forecasting puzzle:

Additional forecasting and weather resources for chasing outside the U.S.:

Weather education resources - ages ~10-17

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