Storm chasing education resources

Below, we've aggregated free or cheap educational resources about storm chasing in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia and forecasting for adults and young adults, divided by age range. If you'd like us to speak at an event or are looking for an expert in a certain area, please contact us directly.

And, check out these resources specifically developed by Girls Who Chase:

  • Download and learn from "Storm Chasing and Photography 101" - a 1.5-hour dynamic webinar delivered in collaboration with Women's Photography Circle in May 2022

  • Listen to our "Chasing 101" series with Raychel Sanner of Tornado Titans on the Girls Who Chase podcast (available on Apple & Spotify) for an overview of some of the basics, including how to get started, packing & planning, logistics, safety in the field, and how to be a good chase neighbor

  • Drop by for our monthly Twitter spaces (@girlswhochase), where we chat with other chasers and have great folks available to answer questions if you have 'em

  • Become a member of our Patreon community, where we offer quarterly chase education classes and 1:1 mentoring opportunities with experienced female chasers

Learn to chase - ages 18+

U.S.-specific storm anatomy, positioning, general info about chasing:

  • Your local National Weather Service office will host free annual storm spotting classes, which is a GREAT place to start to build your foundation learning about how storms work

  • National Weather Service storm spotter weather glossary

  • Veteran chaser Skip Talbot provides videos on storm spotting and positioning on his YouTube Channel, in his educational playlist

  • Titan U offers videos on chasing and storm anatomy, including case studies

  • Download (not free) and play with the radar app of your choosing - the two most commonly used are:

Storm anatomy, positioning, and general info about chasing outside the U.S.:

Learn to forecast - ages 18+

Learn about the ingredients of severe weather, how and where to identify them, and how to piece together the forecasting puzzle:

Additional forecasting and weather resources for chasing outside the U.S.:

Weather education resources - ages ~10-17