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Announcing our first international chapter, Girls Who Chase Canada

The GWC Canada Chapter will inspire, empower & equip Canadian girls & women for storm chasing & weather-related endeavors in Canada, with its diverse challenges & culture. 

GWC is a global initiative with active chasers in over 15 countries (wow!). However, we were founded in the U.S. and are run by a chaser trained in the U.S., which just basically limits the level of support the global brand can provide to chasers in other countries. Knowing this, we are creating chapters for large regions or countries with active pools of female chasers who would benefit from additional tailored support, education & amplification efforts. Canada identified the need & stepped forward - and here we are.

The Canada chapter, led by expert chasers native to the area, will utilize specific resources relevant to its diverse culture, heritage, climate & the unique challenges Canadian women face in the field.

For more information, check out the Canada chapter on Twitter.

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